Save the Date:

Spring Resale

March 28-30, 2019  

Mooseheart Field House

Batavia, Il

Thursday- 28th we begin setup and dropping off your items

Friday - continue set up...Presale begins

Saturday - Sale is open to the public 8am-1pm

Offering Support, Education and Friendship to Families with or Expecting Multiples

Shopping Times:

Friday night  

4:00 Line Up for Shopping
4:45-5:15pm Room is empty except for Resale Chairs
5:15-9pm Board Members Shop
5:45-9pm All ACTIVE WORKING Committee members
6:00-7:00pm Volunteers Working the 7:15-10:15pm
6:30-9pm Working members & NON working committee members (working the resale anytime
Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Except if your working Fri night at the 7:15pm shift)
*** Checkout opens at 7:25pm***
7-9pm All other members & working NON members, Any other Moms of Multiples Club/Groups
***Check out closes at 9pm***

Is someone working a shift for you?  Make sure you get credit. 

Are you on the board, a committee, member working a shift, or non-member working 3 shifts?  You get to shop early and bring a friend. They must be registered to shop

All Things Resale and what you need to know

Resource Links:

What you need to know:

Below is a link to the resale manual that will assist you in how to use my consignment manager to log and tag your items.

New this year. 

*You do not have to purchase supplies through TCMOTTC unless you choose to do so.  You may use regular white card stock for your tags.  Please do not use plain paper.  We will not be responsible for tags that come off.

*We will be changing the sizing and accommodating high school sizes (basically all sizes) as well as maternity clothes.

*We will provide a dressing room for clothes to be tried on.   This will be in the resale room.

*Outside Sellers are welcome!!!   You can email Mike or Lisa at for help

*You do not have to stay when you drop off your items to sell. Please make sure your bins are properly marked so that we may process it appropriately.  Please pick up your bins Friday by 2pm.

*Donations will be excepted and will be going to Hearts for Honduras.  You can donate Clothing and Shoes at the end of the sale.  Thanks!